Demographics Change Behavior in Mormon Single Adults?

There are 3 LDS women for every 2 LDS men in Utah.

There are 3 LDS women for every 2 LDS men in Utah.

So single women outnumber single men in the Mormon community? So what, you ask? This article brings up several concerns with the single adult population in the church but has ramifications for the whole church. The author shows how demographics, the simple fact of more single women than men in the church (and in the Orthodox Jewish community) may be changing the behavior of both those single men and single women.

Would men “play the field” more, knowing there are more women to choose from and that there always will be? Are women fed up with waiting and for some, not dating because there are too many Mormon women? What about promiscuity? More women willing to do more to gain a commitment? Men, unworried by any sense of urgency willing to accept more affection from those women?

“For men, there are so many choices that choices are not made. The dream for the Mormon man is to get married and have six kids. As he ages, his dream never changes. But when you’re a thirty-seven-year-old woman, you’ve already aged out of that dream.”

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The number of breast implants is on the rise with single Mormon women.

Also, what about other behavior such as breast implants? According to the article, they are on the rise in the Mormon single female population. Is this just a newly accepted norm or is there a deeper, demographic reason? Increasing your chances with the guys. What about movements such as feminism? Would difficulty in finding dates and male attention incline those women toward that philosophy?

Additionally, is the new push for Sister Missionaries going to exacerbate the problem? Even more active women compared to men?

It seems that the solution to this problem is two-fold;

  1. Like the rest of the country, we need to promote more young men to go to college. The move toward higher college acceptance rates for women nationally is causing this dating problem across all cultural demographics for women. College educated women want to date college educated men.  But there are fewer and fewer of them.
  2. We need to promote more young men to go on missions and then retain them as active members.

Women are simply more faithful and active in the church than men as a whole. Maybe that cannot completely be matched by the men, but we should be doing everything we can to solve this problem. A further study should be put in place by the church. What do we do for these women?

Time- Date-onomics & Mormon Breast Implants

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