Mormon Vices and the Church’s 12 Step Program

Food addiction plagues many in the church.

Food addiction plagues many in the church.

Glad to see the church is adding in such vices and addictions as “food”. As members we often forget about this vice and addiction. But that’s exactly what it is and it is growing in the US and the church at breakneck speed. Just because we stay away from alcohol, drugs, tobacco, coffee and tea, does not mean that we can’t create other vices that seem “acceptable” such as food. Especially certain foods. In fact, I would argue that the other addictions that are tolerated by church members become a larger problem as we avoid the obvious ones.

The biggest obstacle in tackling food addiction in the church is that obesity is something we can see. Therefore, it can be more difficult to address because it can put members who struggle with food in a bad, obvious position. However, these members still need help. For the obese, their lives are at stake. Not just because of deadly diseases, but their quality of life, their happiness, maybe even their spirituality. This is a problem that is killing our members and putting them in spiritual bondage.

Here the church outlines their 12 step recovery program-

Church 12 Step Recovery Program

Church video on food addiction-

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