Obama’s Commuted Sentences

Black Male Youth

I disagree with the overall argument of this article as long as the criminals were not guilty of severe and violent crimes. People do deserve a second chance. While it’s impossible to know exactly the criminal circumstances of each criminal released, if they were non-violent criminals then it may be the right move. One stupid mistake, egged on by a destructive culture should not require decades of your life. Yes it is a risk. Yes it could backfire. You just have to hope that this list was scrubbed diligently.

Examples of scrubbing such a list would be the attempts of family members to reduce sentence, good behavior while in prison, non-violent crimes, knowing that they have a support system in place (family) when they get out, etc.

I think the best way to think about this is if this was your son, father, brother, etc. Keep the violent criminals in jail but we should find a way to truly have a ‘correctional’ system in our country for others.


Obama Commutes Record Number of Sentences for Criminals

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