Eden as Bountiful- Video

A video to compliment a previous post on a Biblical Hebrew scholar translating Eden as “Bountiful”.

Eden as “Bountiful”


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Blog Post

Ziony Zevit calls Eden, “Bountiful”


  1. I was browsing Zevit’s book myself, came across his reference to Eden a “Bountiful,” and all sorts of Book of Mormon bells started dinging in my head. I didn’t think anybody had hit on this before, but a quick Google search, and here I am finding you beat me to it!
    I think this needs a lot more exploration in relation to the Book of Mormon.

    • Thanks for reaching out. I had the same experience. It puts some perspective on the naming of the Arabian Bountiful and the ‘Sermon at the Temple’ Bountiful. Temple locations, maybe even both of them.

      I’ll reach out another time on a couple of previous Book of Mormon Central articles. Thanks again!

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