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Jimmer Scores 37 in D-League Debut

Misery at Missouri- Bronco's "Next Step"




“At that time we didn't really have the talent to be able to line up and compete with many teams. Stanford had recently had some success throwing the ball with Jim Plunkett (1970 Heisman Trophy winner) at quarterback. I figured with most defenses built to focus on stopping the run, we would try and pass the ball. Once we became successful and began to recruit better players, I just decided to stick with the offense.”- Lavell Edwards


Jimmer Fredette, BYU Basketball

Jimmer Fredette (Wikimedia Commons)





Fan Resume

I am a life-long Cougars fan. As a kid I checked the newspaper every Sunday for the Cougar box score hoping we again hit at least 300 yds passing and moved up in the rankings. I've been to every Holiday Bowl the Cougs ever played in including the Miracle bowl against SMU where Jim McMahon (the greatest college quarterback of all-time) put the team on his back and won despite the odds- and the coaching staff. And no, I did NOT leave early.

I was at the first game in the revamped Cougar Stadium (now LES) in 1982 where Steve Young and the Cougars lost to Air Force 38-39. My family (dad) still holds season tickets on the 50 from 1982!  I was there in San Diego when a limping Robbie Bosco came back in to the game to rally the Cougs and beat Michigan for the National Championship. I went to a Dodger game (Bosco and I, I was a teenager, were put up on the Dodgervision screen), Laker and LA Express games with Robbie Bosco after the Cougs won the National Championship (Steve Young, who came to our house for pancakes, was qb for the LA Express and the game was a record 6 hours plus and we had press passes for the sideline). I was there when a freshman backup qb named Ty Detmer was inserted in the second half in the 1988 Freedom Bowl against Colorado and Eric Bienenemy (finished 3rd in Heisman Ballot in 1990 behind Ty Detmer) and rallied a comeback. I was in South Bend when John Walsh and Jamal Willis beat Notre Dame in 1994.  I was there when Sark put on an air show against Texas A&M in 1996 for the first of 14 wins that year. Also, when on my mission, my weekly letters from my dad always included a through rundown of the game that week. That is called a "missionary blessing".